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FriendlyWordpress Guys FAQ

What Payment mode do you accept?

Currently, we accept payment through our Secure, 128bit encrypted payment via 2Checkout. If you do not wish to pay via Credit Card, you have the option to pay via Paypal on 2Checkout’s page as well.

Am I locked into a contract?

Of course not. We believe in earning your business every month, and if we fail to meet your expectations, you’re free to leave anytime. If you’ve paid yearly, we will prorate the refund. We’ll even help you migrate your WordPress website to another host of your choice.

Why isn’t my WordPress account setup immediately after payment?

Because we setup each WordPress site manually and optimized each website with all the important plugins such as ‘All in One SEO’, ‘Google XML Sitemap’, ‘Contact Form 7’, ‘Security Plugins’, etc. We would install the default WordPress theme unless you tell us which Premium ETT theme you’d like us to setup for you.

Refund Policy

We have a no questions, no quibbles 30 day refund  policy. We invite you to check out our WordPress hosting platform – completely risk free. If you’re not totally satisfied with the level of service you’ve received, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny you’ve paid. No hard feelings. Heck, even if you’ve been with us for 31 or 32 days, we’ll still refund you should you decide to move. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Server Resources

Your WordPress site will be hosted on a fleet of powerful and optimized VPS (Virtual Private Servers) running specially tuned Apache and Nginx. We will limit the number of hosting accounts on each VPS to ensure that each server is not overloaded. At the same time, because this is a Shared WordPress hosting environment, it is not suitable for websites that get thousands of visitors a day. When your website has grown by leaps and bounds, and have outgrown the resources here, we will help you upgrade to your own fully managed VPS or switch to another WordPress host of your choice such as WPEngine.

Can I run a Mailer Software?

I’m afraid not. A mailing list software consumes a lot of server resources, and requires a lot of management to handle optins, optouts, spam complains, etc. If you plan to run your own mailing software, we would advise getting your own dedicated server or VPS so that it has its own whitelisted IPs. Our recommendation is to go with the market leader, Aweber to handle all your subscribers and follow-up messages. They are professional and they will handle everything for you – from sign-up, autoresponder to handling spam-complaints.

Uploading Videos?

While you can certainly upload videos into your WordPress account, we do not recommend it because of disk-space limitation. You’ll find that your hosting account will run out of disk-space rather quickly if you start uploading multiple videos. A better option would be to create your own Youtube channel and upload your videos to your own channel.

This has 2 BIG benefits: Your videos will stream much faster to your viewers because Google has multiple edge-servers/proxies around the world that caches the content for the local viewers. The other benefit is the SEO traffic from Youtube. You can insert a link back to your site from your video. Google also favors websites with embedded Youtube videos.

Do I get cPanel Access?

YES! We now offer VPS optimized cPanel for all our WordPress Hosting clients, running on the streamlined ‘Lantern’ theme. Now, you’re getting the best of both worlds – a custom built, optimized WordPress Hosting account with the flexibility and power of cPanel to manage your own hosting accounts. If you looking for full-stack, WordPress only hosting account, check out WPEngine

Note: to upload files, you can do this via the WordPress Dashboard – in the “Media” tab/panel. Or, drop us a note and we’ll take care of it. We can also install custom scripts (eg, easyClickMate, ad-tracker, download-protection manager, etc) for you at no extra charge – subject to our security team’s approval of course.

“Temporarily Un-available” ?

If you see that message when you tried to order, it just means that our hands are full. All the WordPress accounts are manually setup and optimized which requires a fair bit of work on our part. If there is a sudden deluge of orders, we may have to temporarily stop accepting new clients so that we can ensure quality services for all our hosting clients.  Once we’ve cleared our workload, business will resume as usual. If you have an urgent request, please use the contact form to contact us with your needs. We will try to accommodate everyone as much as we can.

Forbidden Stuff

You may NOT use your WordPress hosting account for any illegal activities. Files such as torrents, warez (illegal/pirated files), Porn, malware, viruses, etc are not allowed. If such files are found, you’ll be asked to remove them immediately. If they are not removed, we will remove them and your WordPress account may be suspended. We do NOT allow adult content either. Illegal activities such as hacking or port-scanning activities are strictly forbidden. There will be no refund if your account is terminated due to these reasons.

Branded Email Addresses

You can create your own email addresses via your cPanel dashboard or we can help create unlimited email forwarders for you at your domain, e.g.  yourname@yourdomain.com,  editor@yourdomain.com, admin@yourdomain.com. These email addresses will be forwarded to your Gmail account so that you can access all them them at a central location. Let us know what emails you’d like to have and we’ll set it up for you. You can also answer your emails as “you@yourdomain.com”  from your Gmail account. If you need this, let us know and we’ll help you set it up.

More Questions?

Contact Fwguys.comWe hope we’ve answered most of your questions – but if not, please click on the “Contact Us” link and post your question. We’ll get back to you within 24hr or less.